American Blackjack

This version of the popular game was created, as its name implies, in the United States of America with the idea of giving an extra amount of emotion to one of the classic online casino game. Data on the exact date of its creation is not accurate, however it is known to be very popular in Las Vegas. For a player used to playing European Blackjack it may seem a bit strange to play the American variant. However, to the joy of the players the advantage of the casino in the American version is less than in the European version, that is, the player has a bigger chance to win.

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American Blackjack rules

The first big difference between American Blackjack and European Blackjack is in the dealing of cards. In European casinos, the dealer draws two cards face up for all players and one card face up only for him. He waits until all players have finished playing before drawing his second card, which will also be face up. In the American version, the croupier draws a first card visible for the players and for him. Then, he deals a second card visible to the players and a face down for himself. If the value of the uncovered card is a 10 (10, J, Q, K) or an AS the dealer will check the value of the covered card to see if it has Blackjack. If he has Blackjack, he will discover it and the game will end. The dealer will collect the losing bets and the players who have Blackjack will recover their bets since they are tied with the dealer. Otherwise, the players will start to play their hands, with the advantage of knowing that the dealer doesn’t has a Blackjack, increasing their chance to win in a great range.

In this version of the game, the player has the option of knowing if the dealer could have a Blackjack this information is of great value when making decisions about doubling or separating the card. In European Blackjack, the dealer only has one card, so until he does not play his hand after all the players play, it is unknown if he will be able to get Blackjack. For this reason, in the European version it will be necessary to be more cautious when it comes to doubling or separating when the dealer’s card has a value of 10 or is an Ace, since there is a possibility that the dealer will get a Blackjack.

Another move that is possible in American Blackjack that does not exist in the European variation, is that a player can collect a Blackjack in advance in case the dealer’s revealed card is an Ace. If the dealer’s uncovered card is an Ace, in addition to insurance bets the dealer will offer players who have Blackjack if they want to collect their Blackjack in advance at a ratio of 1 to 1 (the normal payout for this move is 3 to 2) before the dealer checks the value of the player covered card.

All versions of Blackjack have their advantages and disadvantages. However, all guarantee an incredible amount of fun, that’s why players must try all the variations to find the one that best suits their conditions. Also, it is possible to find all these games in the same online casino since most of these websites have a wide catalog of games to please the most demanding players.