Online pontoon is one of the most interesting and entertaining variations that the famous online Blackjack has. It is like the common Blackjack but has some changes in the set of rules. The main differences between both games are indicated below:

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  1. Inside the Pontoon the dealer does not have an own hand to play and therefore the players decisions are entirely based on his own hand.
  2. In this game if the player gets 21 on the first two cards, he won’t get a Blackjack what he gets is known as “Pontoon”.
  3. Making a five-card hand beats any other party besides a Pontoon.
  4. These changes in the traditional Blackjack rules create a situation where the main strategic indicators are the number of cards in the players hand and their value.
  5. On the other hand, the Pontoon can only be folded once per hand. Of course, the game allows doubling with any number of cards.
  6. Also, the player must keep in mind that in this game he cannot stand with totals worth less than 15, unless he has a five-card hand.

Thanks to the appearance of online casinos players from all over the world began to play Pontoon Online. This gave them the possibility to play and bet from their homes. Currently, thanks to the advancement of technology and internet connections, the player can enjoy the Pontoon from any device, be it a computer, Smartphone, or Tablet as firstclassonlinecasinos.com tell us in their mobile games section.

How to play Pontoon?

A detail that all the players must consider before playing this game is that it can be played with different numbers of players. Of course, the minimum necessary to play the game are 2 players.

Also, the players should know that if more than 8 players play, the best thing to do is to use 2 decks of 52 cards. Of course, it is essential to clarify that in most online casinos are used between 6 and 8 traditional decks regardless of the number of players who are participating.

The first thing the player must recognize is that in this game the cards have the same value as in Blackjack. What does this mean. Well, for example, that the Ace card can have two values ​​depending about the player. It can be 1 or 11.

In the case of the letter cards (the J, the Q and the K) each of them has a value of 10 points. On the other hand, cards from 2 to 10 have the value of the number indicated on each of the cards. The objective Pontoon is that the player could get a hand that has a value as close to 21.

Continuing with the explanation of how the game works, you should know that Pontoon Online begins with the distribution of cards to each player. Each one is dealt a card face down and must make his bet without knowing the value of the card. After the bet is made, the second card is dealt to the players and it is there when they can look at their hand. If the dealer gets a Pontoon immediately shows it and wins twice the bet of the players. The second-best hand in the game is a 5-card hand, in which the player can have a total of 21 points or a score close to this number. This hand is known by the name of “Five Card Trick” and wins any combination, except the perfect hand or Pontoon.

Of course, something that we cannot fail to clarify is that if the dealer has a hand of the same value than the player formed with the 5 cards, the bank always wins.