European Blackjack

There are several variations of the standard Blackjack game, but European Blackjack is one of the most popular in the world. Offering rules that are significantly different from the American version, European Blackjack – also known as Classic Blackjack or simply Blackjack – is widely believed to offer the greatest benefits to players. It is for this reason that we are going to look at the specifics of the European variant of Blackjack in this article.

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European Blackjack – Dealer’s cards

The biggest difference between European Blackjack and most Blackjack games is how the dealer deals the cards. In the classic version, he gives each player a card that he leaves visible on the table before offering himself a card that is also visible to all the players. Once this is done, he begins by dealing a second card to the player to his left and asks him if he wants an additional card or not. To achieve the ideal score in Blackjack, that is, to get as close to 21 or try Blackjack (a combination of an Ace and a face or a 10 to get a reward of 1.5 times his stake), the player can ask for as many cards as he wants. It is only after the first player has finished playing that the dealer passes to the second player and so on.

When all the players stop by saying “I stay” to the croupier, he can then draw the cards that will allow him to make a point, that is to say, have a total score between 17 and 21 points. The dealer’s additional card (s) also remain visible to players.

The double option

Regarding the “double” option, in the European version, players receive their additional cards face up even after having doubled their stake. They, therefore, have the advantage of being able to adapt their strategy according to the context which presents itself to them, unlike American blackjack players who can only discover the value of the cards they have requested once the dealer has finished playing.

The croupier draws at 17

This rule, not enforced by most casino operators, is also one of the fundamental differences between European Blackjack and American Blackjack. Concretely, in some European casinos, the croupier has the obligation to draw another card if the value of his hand is 17 points. Fortunately, it is not a general rule and mandatory for establishments offering European Blackjack. It is indeed a huge disadvantage for players. In American Blackjack, however, the dealer immediately stops playing once the 17 points have been reached.

Quitting is not an option

This is a rule that most European Blackjack enthusiasts would like to see applied in casinos. Indeed, in this variant of the game, it is impossible for them to give up a game and recover their stake even though their hand is weak. However, in American Blackjack, players have the option of giving up the game at any time and recovering half of their stake.


As we can read at, even when the rules of American Blackjack are rather advantageous for the players, in practice, the European variant remains the best possible choice if you are testing new strategies and techniques. This is explained by the fact that the croupier, in the European version, plays last during the game, thus giving players greater leeway in choosing their strategy. Indeed, if the croupier already has two cards at his disposal, one face down, he can make Blackjack at once and end the game immediately while pocketing the players’ bet.