Blackjack strategies

There are four basic tips that can increase the player chance of winning, exponentially, playing Blackjack. Following these recommendations will improve his Blackjack strategy and, therefore, the game will be more entertaining and interesting. This tips will help the player to decide what to do if he has a soft hand (a combination of cards that has a value less than 17) or a strong hand (a card with a value of 10 points and another card with a value greater than 8) and when play for free or using bonus.

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1. Allow the dealer to exceed 21 points:

Sometimes, the best option for the player is to stand because the dealer has a lot of options to exceed, the most suitable moments to apply this strategy are listed below:

If the dealer shows a 4, 5 or 6, the player should only ask for one more card in case if he has a soft hand, because there is no chance that player can go over 21 with an extra card.

If the dealer has the option to exceed, the player chances of victory are high. However, if he exceeds too, the money goes to the casino. That is why in the mentioned cases is important not to risk and wait for the dealer to pass. Another tip is that the player stands or split in case that any of the described favorable situation occurs. The more money at stake in these types of hands, the better for him in the long run.

2. Stand with 17 or high hands:

When the player has 17 points or more, he should always stand in case he does not have an AS, since the options to exceed the 21 points when requesting a new card are very higher. However, there are many situations in which the option to stand is not good, for example when the dealer shows an AS or a high card.

3. Aces and Eights are always divided:


In case of having two eights the player could be in a complicated situation since the two together add up to 16, the worst possible hand in Blackjack. While separated they can add two 18 or other better plays than the initial one, so it’s important to always split them.


The Ace is the most powerful card in Blackjack, but if it is attached to another Ace it becomes a weak move, so the best option is to split them and have two options to get Blackjack.


Having 10 points with figures or tens in two hands is a good base, but a 20 points hand is too strong to split. It is more advisable and almost obligatory, to keep this hand undivided.


In case of having a pair of 6 the resulting play would be 12 points. It is not a very good hand, but if the player decides to split, he could find two 16-point hands, the worst possible move in Blackjack.

4. Use the bonification and free versions:

Almost all the casino online gives the player different bonuses when they register in their web sites, this is the perfect opportunity for new players to start in the Blackjack world without using their own money to play. Every time that the player has a chance to use a bonus, he should do it. That way he could play for real money without risking his budget. Other option is to play the free versions of the games, this is the perfect way to learn the rules in a safe environment and they are available in almost any casino online.

Another strategy widely used in the Blackjack is counting cards, a lot of players around the world use this technique to increase their chances of winning in this game.

Odds in BlackJack Strategy

When playing any casino game, the player’s goal is to reduce the casino’s advantage to a minimum applying the right strategy. This is not different in the Blackjack, so the decisions of the player in this game greatly influence the development of the hand and the result, the house advantage can be reduced to practically 0. 45% if a correct strategy is followed. This doesn’t mean that for every 100 euros that the player bets he will always lose 45 cents. The right interpretation of this fact is that if the player bets in an infinite number of hands he will lose 45 cents for every 100 euros betted.

Using the right strategy, can reduce the house advantage more than in other casino games, otherwise if the decisions made are not the most appropriate, the casino advantage will increase to similar values ​​or even superior to other games. The player must keep in mind that if the strategy is not adequate, his winning options will decrease markedly, and the house advantage will increase to over 5%. That’s the reason why the player needs to familiarize with the options above, so as not to give the casino a greater advantage than is strictly necessary.